The presentation of the evaluation report on ''Implementation of the Kosovo Education Strategic Plan in 2017'' was organized today, a report prepared by the Kosovo Education Center (KEC) in cooperation with other civil society organizations, members of the Kosovo Education and Employment Network supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo.

This evaluation report identifies key challenges in realizing the necessary reforms that would ensure a quality education system in Kosovo. The findings will serve to the policy-makers, educational institutions, business community and civil society organizations.

"Investing in Education is an investment in the youth of the country and is the only guaranteed return investment. The waiver of education is a waiver from the future. I call on students, parents, civil society organizations, media and Kosovo society in general to mobilize and increase their demands for quality public education in Kosovo "- said EU Head of Office in Kosovo, Ms. Natalia Apostolova, during the presentation of the evaluation report on the implementation of the Kosovo Education Strategic Plan 2017.

You can download the full evaluation report at the following link